1992: Donald Tinsley, Carl Moore, Scott Muller, and Mernarr ‘Beetle’ McClendon founded the Indianapolis Black Deaf Advocates (IBDA)
1995: The original IBDA logo was created
1997: IBDA evolved to the Indiana Black Deaf Advocates (IBDA)
2009: IBDA transitioned to the Indiana Chapter of Black Deaf Advocates (ICBDA)
2014: ICBDA hosted 5th Midwestern Regional Conference
2017: ICBDA secured its own office space at 1200 E. 42nd Street, Indianapolis
2018: ICBDA hosted 7th Midwestern Regional Conference
2019: ICBDA set up a Facebook page
2020: ICBDA released a new logo
2020: ICBDA set up a LinkedIN, Twitter, & YouTube
2021: ICBDA launched a new website
2021: ICBDA hosted Facebook LIVE Black Lives Matter Townhall Meeting
2022: ICBDA launched series of Advocacy, Health Wellness, Leadership, Legal, Mental Support, & Interpreter Workshops